Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hacking your Clear Block Storage Case!

Make it easy to see immediately which block you need!  Since the Stampin' Up! clear blocks have the letters printed on the sides, it isn't easy to remember which is which when they're all neatly tucked away in their case, but I found a great solution to that as I was unpacking my last few new blocks.

Use the 1" circle punch on the letters from the packaging of each block.  I like the look of circles within circles, but if you've tossed the packaging or would prefer a different style, you could always stamp or print out the letters A to I and use any small punch you like.  

I ran all the little circles thru my Xyron to make them into stickers - now my entire case is labeled - EZ-PZ!  Since the blocks are clear, you can see the labels when the blocks are in place.  I love the case for traveling to crops and such - if all the spaces are filled, then I have everything I came with!

I also used My Digital Studio software to make a label to prettify and personalize the outside of my case.   The vinyl flower sticker is from the retired Definitely Decorative line.  Xyron machine to the rescue again in making this adhere so smoothly and completely.  It's been so long since this was put together, I'd love your suggestions for a new outside decor for the case... what do you think?