Monday, February 18, 2013

Storage - It Ain't Pretty (or it doesn't have to be)

Storage options are going to be limited by your budget and creativity.  My budget is small, but my creativity is limited only by what my husband throws away!!  I'm always saving odd stuff for a rainy day.

The previous owner of my house left shelving installed on the basement wall, but my love of punches was overwhelming the available space.  I looked everywhere for small shelves that would fit Stampin' Up! punches, but NOT cost an arm and a leg.   These do not appear to exist!  I thought about making them from foamboard, but that didn't seem strong enough. 

Then I realized that a wooden desk-top organizer that I'd had forever, was
1.  mostly full of stuff I rarely used anymore and didn't really need to be kept so close to hand
2.  turned on its side, the perfect size for punches and clear blocks!  done.

On the shelf directly over it, I created more space by cutting a couple of short pieces of 2x4 and putting a piece of scrap wood on top (yes, it's just sitting there, not screwed or glued or anything and it works great).   It's butt ugly, sure, but I paid nothing out of pocket for either of these storage solutions.   Besides, there is BARE cinderblock behind it - not even close to pretty, anyway!

On the bottom left of the photo, you can see that I snugged the punch storage just close enough to an open box of neutral ink pads to create a space for another stack of loose ink pads.

On the upper right are old spice jars with embellishments and below them, my Stampin' Pierce Mat and a 6"x6" album filled with all my Piercing Templates.  I made a short video that can be viewed here.


Northwoodszoo said...

Looks pretty to me!! Pretty organized, pretty handy, pretty inspirational. You are one pretty creative lady!!

That Little Nut said...

Thanks for saying that... made me feel pretty good!!