Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Blogiversary is coming up!

I have some fun ideas brewing for my first blogiversary next month!   Here's a little teaser; an anniversary gift idea I created using My Digital Studio  (inspired by this idea on Pinterest).

I saved the 12"x12" scrapbook page as a jpg file at its highest resolution and had it printed out at Wally-mart as a faux canvas w/a mirrored edge, meaning the outside edge of the canvas had a mirror image of the outer 1.5" of the project. (I made sure to keep my important elements at least 1.5" away from the edge of the page, otherwise they would be repeated on the side.)  No need for a frame and they had it done in under 2 hours!   Talk about instant gratification!

PS - I did alter this a bit for internet consumption.  The version I actually had made had different maps and more specific text.   I just thought the idea was too neat to keep to myself!

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Diane - said...

Looks fantastic and a great idea too. Hugs